Why L’Ecole Française de Cincinnati?

Our goals are:

  1. To develop children’s oral expression and vocabulary in French.
  2. To develop and improve children’s reading and writing skills in French.
  3. To introduce them to French culture.
  4. To develop friendship between children and families involved in the school.
  5. To nurture future citizens of the world.


Through total immersion, we create solid language foundations for the children. Our priority is to provide
French speaking families with new options for the education of their children.

For children:

  1. Instruction is exclusively in French.
  2. Small classes (<10) allowing a quality education adapted to the profile of each child. 
  3. The creation of solid foundations will later allow the child to benefit fully from the L’Ecole Française de Cincinnati’s ’s extra-curricular program, in parallel to the American educational system.
  4. A friendly and nurturing environment that aims to create a francophone community in which the child can use French as a social language in a circle of friends who share the same mother tongue.
  5. Personalized education to help children thrive in building their bilingual identities and enjoy the full potential of the being exposed to multiple cultures and languages.

For parents:

  1. Affordability and proximity.
  2. A community of committed parents who are willing to be actively involved in their child’s school life. 
  3. A new option for francophone families and flexibility in terms of hours and days of attendance.