About l'Ecole Française de Cincinnati

L'Ecole Française de Cincinnati is an Ohio registered non-profit sponsored by the French government. Our purpose is to provide language instruction and cultural activities in French for bilingual children from age 4 to age 16.  The program is aimed at children who have a French speaking parent and attend American schools.

Nos enseignants

3 - 5 ans :     Florence Madelaine : Coordinatrice pédagogique

6 - 9 ans :     Victor Madelaine

8 - 11 ans :   Murielle Benros : Directrice de l'école française de Cincinnati

11 - 15 ans : Dorothée Dufour : Sécretaire - Trésorerière

All teachers have French as their mother tongue and are experienced in teaching French to children.

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